The History Keepers
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  • Damian Dibben

    Damian Dibben Portrait

    DAMIAN DIBBEN is the creator of the internationally acclaimed series THE HISTORY KEEPERS published in over 40 countries and translated into 26 languages.

    The books - published by Random House in the UK - follow the adventures of Jake Djones who discovers his parents are missing – lost in history. To find them, Jake must join the secret society known as The History Keepers. His life will never be the same.

    Book 1, The Storm Begins was published in late 2011. Book 2, Circus Maximus was released in June 2013 and the third instalment, Night Ship To China, in May 2014.

    “We are predicting extremely big things for this new adventure series from first-time novelist Damian Dibben.” Mail On Sunday.

    “This new series has grabbed the attention of book buyers across the world. The next big thing.” The Observer.

    "Move over Harry Potter, it is time for Jake Djones to take the limelight." Telegraph

    Damian Dibben Portrait


    Damian has worked as a screenwriter on movies as diverse as Phantom Of The Opera and Puss In Boots. He has collaborated with many directors and producers, including John Madden, Danny Boyle and Duncan Kenworthy. 

    He always researches his books thoroughly – whilst writing The History Keepers: Circus Maximus, he rented an apartment in Rome, overlooking the Trevi Fountain. For the forthcoming third History Keepers book (published 2014), he journeyed to China.

    Damian has lived for a decade on London’s South Bank, opposite St. Paul’s Cathedral and next to the Globe Theatre. He works from an office in Soho. He is accompanied everywhere by his faithful Jack Russel, Dudley.

    Jake becomes embroiled in a fascinating secret society - The History Keepers – whose mission is to protect the fabric of history, whatever it takes. Jake is swiftly recruited and sent on his first assignment to 16th century Venice. There he must work with the team to prevent evil Prince Zeldt from destroying the Renaissance before it happens.

    In The History Keepers: Circus Maxiumus, The History Keepers journey back still further in time – to AD 27 and an encounter with Agata Zeldt, a.k.a.“the most evil woman in history”. Jake and his comrades confront the dark and dangerous heart of Ancient Rome.

    In The History Keepers: Nightship To China, the time travelling agents voyage from Shakespeare's England to Imperial Ming China in pursuit of Xi Xiang whose aim is to destroy trade links between east and west and throw the world into war. At the heart of the battle, lies the search for Jake's long lost brother, Philip.

    Jake is accompanied on his time-travels by some wonderfully intriguing and engaging new friends. These include the beautiful and mysterious Topaz St Honore, her macho but fashion-obsessed brother Nathan and Charlie Chieverley – scientist and chef extraordinaire.

    The books also feature truly memorable, blood-chilling villains. Step forward Agata Zeldt, who we meet in Circus Maximus. Agata has a dark plan to take charge of the Roman army and use it to enslave the world. 

    The History Keepers travel through time on old galleons. The ability to time travel successfully depends on possessing valour – fortunately, it’s something which Jake Djones has in abundance, but this will not only mark him out for high adventure but also untold danger.

    The inspiration for The History Keepers came from an old school book“One rainy day, while I was reading Hamlyn’s History of the World with my nephew, my eureka moment came. This book charted dramatically how civilisations led from one to the other and was full of exciting images of empires, battles, conquerors and explorers. I thought history, in its entirety, would be the most thrilling world in which to set my adventure series.”

    Damian Dibben Portrait